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Oli Tattersfield

Senior Coach

Oli started CrossFit in August 2017, he found that his regular gym couldn’t put anymore weight on for his squat bar and a friend suggested CrossFit. 

When he first joined CFNL he started just doing 3 classes a week and after just 3 weeks he found himself doing 2/3 classes a day! Since then he has competed in multiple CrossFit competitions including Battle for Middle Ground, First Means Everything, The Castle Games, Winter Solider and the European Championships.

Oli loves CrossFit because it drives that competitive edge and makes you want to push yourself to your limits and further into the pain cave but mainly for the community aspect of it.


He loves how everyone gets behind everyone cheering each other on and supporting each other! Oli cant wait to bring his competitive experience and enthusiasm to CFNL, not just as a member but now as a coach


- Strength & Conditioning

- CrossFit Level 1 Coach

- CrossFit Spot the Flaw

- CrossFit Scaling

- CrossFit Judges course

Oli NLSC profile pic.jpg
Oli NLSC weightlifting profile pic.jpg
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