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Injury Clinic & Sports Massage

Injury Clinic

CrossFit North London offers a private injury clinic run by Head Coach

‘Gerard Andrews’.

Gerard has over 15 years experience working with and preventing injuries as a Corrective Exercise specialist and is also a certified Neurokinetic Therapist.

Through a number of muscle tests and assessments he will establish which areas of the body have developed compensation patterns and determine the best way to correct them.

 The process then realigns the neural pathways in the body that have been affected through injury, postural distortions, poor technique and/or any other daily occurrences and as a result get to the root of the problem rather then just where the pain is.

'We Test, we don't guess!'

Please email us if you would like to book a 60 minute session

(This service is available to non members of CrossFit North London too)

Sports Massage

Regular Sports massage is essential to keep the body functioning properly and reduce the chance of injuries.

CFNL offers 60minute sessions with one of our qualified therapists, guaranteed to ease away the tension and leave you feeling revitalised.

Male of Female Therapists available.

Drop us an email to book your session.

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