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Frequently asked questions

Why is it more expensive than my gym membership?

The average personal training session costs £50 for a 1hr session
Therefore in a month, you will have spent £200 on 4 personal training sessions.
At CrossFit North London you will be able to train with the coach every day (we recommend a maximum of 3 days on, 1 day off though! ) and still have money left over from your £200!)

We don’t think it is expensive. You are receiving small group personal training from between £10-12 per hour. The specialised coaches help you individually during the session to work on your tightnesses and weaknesses, the WOD’s, skills and mobility work are constantly varied. CrossFit North London coaches plan ahead and periodise (plan 3-6months ahead) flexibility, strength work, mobility, skills and WOD’s to provide thorough training. Therefore we think you’re getting excellent value for money. The cost of a gym (if you even attend), means you have to think up your own training and are simply using the equipment. Unless you have qualifications in exercise, why would you know what you should be doing to achieve your goals? Boredom and lack of variety is the key reason for wasting gym memberships.


I’m not sure weightlifting is for me!

Have you ever lifted a heavy box or stood up from a low sofa? Well, this is what weightlifting will teach you. Weightlifting is the ability to lift heavy objects with correct form and push heavy things, all to make you stronger for everyday life. Ever heard your neighbour “pull” his back bending over and picking his shoes up? Well, this is down to poor form, poor posture, tight and weak muscles and can all be eliminated with weightlifting. We aim to replicate everyday movements/ events to make you superhuman! The aim is not to get you into the Olympic weightlifting divisions, but you never know!


I’m not fit enough!

CrossFit is 100% inclusive.
Every WOD can be scaled (reduced or increased) to your ability. What does this mean? If you can’t do a push-up or pull up, we have variations you can do.

I don’t want to build huge muscles!

It is quite difficult for women to build big muscles! The WOD’s help you to become stronger and leaner, not necessarily bigger. You won't just wake up one morning with big muscles. It is actually really important for women to lift weights as this helps prevent Osteoporosis.

Women usually start with less muscle than men because of the lower testosterone levels, so it is important to maintain good tone now and in later life. After the age of 35, we lose muscle mass and gain fat. But if you train regularly you can maintain muscle tone and look better as you age.  If anything you will notice more fat loss and better tone than any gym training you have done before.

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