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Your First Step To A Better You


Over the years, we’ve found the biggest obstacles to you achieving your health and fitness goals are simply a lack of support and accountability, together with not knowing ‘what to do’ in the gym.

It’s normal not to know what exercises to do on what days, how many to do or even for how long. You wouldn’t try to fit your own kitchen so why try to create your own training programme?  


We know you’re apprehensive about joining a new gym, and you probably even have a few preconceptions about CrossFit. In fact, we've had hundreds of new members walk through our doors almost everyone had the same questions…


What will the atmosphere be like? Will it be challenging enough (or too challenging)? Will I actually stick with it?


Because of these questions, we kick everyone off with our 100% Free CrossFit Taster Session, which is specifically designed to answer all of your questions about training at CrossFit North London (and give you a hell of a workout at the same time!).

If you love it, Amazing! If not, well hey, it was free anyway 😉  

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