Triib will NOT go ahead

I have decided that we will not be switching over to the Triib booking system and we will continue using the MindBody software.

Over the past few months I have been working solidly on the handover process with Triib to ensure everything went smoothly.Unfortunately they were unable to fulfill their promises to set up the system correctly and I was constantly finding mistakes.

This would have had a huge impact on the Box and also to the members and I was just not willing to accept that.

The more faults I found with Triib the more I realised that the MindBody system is far superior and why it is one of the most used in the world. Triib offered some nice additions like a digital whiteboard etc but what’s the point of that if people found their app. wasn’t working and their memberships were set up wrong!

Although I have wasted a lot of time and effort on this I feel this is the correct decision.

Apologies to all those who inputted their details into Triib,please be assured that I have confirmed with Triib that no payments will be taken and that we will not be going ahead with the switch.

The MindBody system is still working as normal so please continue to use this to book and buy sessions etc. as we have been doing.

Thank you all for your cooperation and see you at your next WOD


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