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The Assessment (optional but highly recommended)

The 1-2-1 assessment we ask you to attend is a one off session to give you a full MOT, A) so that the coach know’s what your strengths and weaknesses are, but B) so that you know what they are. Your weaknesses will be listed in your WOD book, whether it is flexibility, technique flaws, postural things to work on.
During the regular WOD’s you can open your book and work on your specific mobility, technique, muscular or posture imbalances with the help of the coach. This is were you can start to see the personal nature of CrossFit compared to other classes.

Foundation classes 

Unless you are experienced CrossFitter,everyone must complete the CFNL Foundation course before you will be allowed to enter any of the CrossFit classes.

The course is completed through 1-2-1 sessions (2-2-1 & 3-2-1 also available if you would like to complete it with a partner or a few friends) with a Coach, each 60 minute session costs £55 (see prices page for 2-2-1 & 3-2-1 sessions) and normally takes people between 2-4 sessions depending on experience.

(please email us if you would like to book in for the Foundation course and we will assign a Coach to book you in).

If you are already experienced in Fitness training and do not feel you need to complete the course,we will ask you to book in for a 30 minute movement assessment to check you are able to complete the basic CrossFit movements (please note that if we do not think you are ready for the WOD classes at the end of the assessment,you will need to buy additional 1-2-1 sessions with the Coach).

Workout of the Day (WOD)

The fun packed, high intensity, strength, cardio and gymnastics session. Every workout can be scaled to ANY ability and fitness level.

Each session is led by the Coach who will take you through a warm up and mobility section,followed by a strength session and then up to 3 High intensity workouts.

Every day is different and the results gained from our program is why CrossFit has proven so popular around the world.

CrossFit Gymnastics

Learn how to perform the Gymnastic elements used in the CrossFit program.
This class will lead you through specific drills to help you develop your body weight movements like the pull up,handstand push and muscle up as well as new movements to develop you as an athlete.
(This class is for adults of any ability)

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

The Snatch and Clean & Jerk appear in many CrossFit WODs and competitions and are excellent movements to develop strength,power,flexibility and much much more!
This class will break down these movements so you can learn how to improve these technical lifts and teach you drills/complexes to increase strength and power.
At the end of the month we put everything we have learnt to the test and go for some PB’s!
This is for all levels of athlete and is a class you should all be attending weekly.

Engine HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

The ‘ENGINE HIIT’ class is looking to create a strong and efficient aerobic and anaerobic metabolic system.
We will use a combination of interval workouts, variable length “pyramids” and steady state exercises.
Members leave this class with a better understanding of how to develop their own cardiovascular “engine” and apply this in any specific sport or exercise.
This class is for all fitness levels.
There are no prerequisites required to join this class.

WOD Monsters

A class for the CrossFit Athletes looking to train for Competitions.
Class involves multiple WODs and will push you to your limits!!
PLEASE NOTE: There are pre-requisites to take part in this class so please speak to a Coach before booking in.
(Not for beginners)

Ladies CrossFit

A 60 minute CrossFit class specifically programmed for women.
This class will include a strength program focusing on movements that ladies typically tend to struggle with i.e Pull ups. Followed by a high intensity CrossFit workout designed so that all fitness levels can attend.
Please Note: This class will be running alongside another CrossFit class where men will be present.

Open gym

Open gym allows you to come in to CrossFit North London and practice the skills you feel you are weakest at. It is also an opportunity to work on strength training in between your WOD days or if you miss a class. You can turn up at any point in the allocated 1 hour slots (Open Gym is free to all those on Memberships).

Mobility WOD

Learn the techniques to improve the positions needed for efficient CrossFit training.
This class will teach you a wide range of mobility techniques using different pieces of equipment to help you improve your body’s range of movement and how to fix any niggles or problems you have achieving the essential positions needed for those looking to maximise their training and minimise the risk of injury!


Yoga is ultimately a healing practice and can be used to repair the body and mind after injury and is the perfect activity to add to your CrossFit training.
The Yoga classes focus on addressing the common flexibility issues that we all have, improve and maintain good posture and allow us to perform the exercises of CrossFit safely and effectively.
This class is ideal for complete beginners as well as those experienced in Yoga.


The nutrition sessions will introduce healthy eating via a Paleo approach and work through the common issues that come up with changing your eating regime. Explanations of good carbs, proteins and fats, unprocessed foods, organic,  blood sugar regulation, grass fed, wild, recipe ideas, meal plans, fat loss and muscle building.

‘Bring a Friend Friday’ WOD class

Every Friday we invite our members to bring a friend along to experience the fitness program they have no doubt been spouting on about to them ever since they joined (we all do it!!),so now it’s their turn.
Your Friend gets to train for free and can use this offer once. after that they must completed the prerequisites outlined on the ‘Getting Started’ page.

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