19/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
Front Squat
2 Reps E3MOM at 90/95/95% for 9mins
No Max reps

Pre WOD:
Coach led Squat Clean and Jerk practise building to WOD weight (10mins)

For time:
3 rounds of:
4 Clean & Jerks, 85% 1RM
60 Double Unders
— then —
3 rounds of:
8 Box Jump Overs, 30/24 in
16/10 Pull-ups

A Squat Clean and split jerk must be performed.

Assistance Work:
Split to Split Jerk
3 sets of 5 reps, build to heavy set

18/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
Bench Press (Deload)
10reps E3MOM for 9mins @ 60%1RM

WOD 1:
‘San Francisco Crippler’
For time:
30 Back Squats, 1 x bodyweight (racks allowed)
Row, 1000 m
(11min cap)

WOD 2:
Every 1 min for 6 mins, alternating between:
11 Power Cleans, 70/50 kg
Bear Crawls, 2 x 10m

Plank Marches
Raising one arm and opposite leg.(at the same time)

17/3/2019 CFNL ‘Member WOD Sunday’

10 reps E3MOM for 12mins
@ 60/70/70/70% 1RM
Max reps on final set

Member WOD by Craig Seymour:
25 minute AMRAP
25 double unders
10 burpees
500m run
20 Single arm dumbell snatches 22.5/15kg

5 Max Holds
Rest 60secs

16/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
3 reps E3mom for 15mins
Establish a 3 Rep Max
All levels to take part but level 2’s will work up to a moderate weight without maxing out and with focus on form

WOD 1:
Strict Handstand Push-ups 3x Max Rep

Rest 2 mins between sets.

Record all 3 scores

WOD 2:
30-20-10 reps, for time of:
(10min cap)

15/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Pre WOD:
Bar Muscle Up Practise

Followed by

3 stage Power Snatch (or Squat Snatch if you plan to do that in the WOD) practise building to WOD weight

CFG Open 19.4
For time:
3 rounds of:
12 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Snatches, 95/65 lbs

Rest 3 minutes

3 rounds of:
10 Bar Muscle-ups
12 Bar Facing Burpees

Time cap: 12 minutes (including the 3min rest)

Hollow Hold
5 x 20secs on 20secs off

9/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Press (deload)
5 reps E2MOM @ 65% for 6mins

5 rounds, each round for time, of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 AbMat Sit-ups
50 Air Squats

Rest 3 mins between each round.

Do not include your rest in the time.

Compare to 15/4/18

Bird Dog
2-3 sets of 10 reps
Take 10 secs to perform each rep
Focus on correct breathing

8/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
Bench Press
8/8/6 reps E2MOM for 6mins
@ 75/75/80%
Max Reps on final set (complete at least 6 reps even if not unbroken)

CFG Open 19.3
60m dumbbell overhead lunge 22.5/15kg
50 db box step-ups 22.5/15kg & 24/20
50 strict handstand push-ups
60m handstand walk

5/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
Back Squat
3 reps E2MOM for 10mins
@ 80/80/85/85/85%

Each for time:
Row: 4x 500 m
Rest the time it takes you to row each 500m
Record fatest and slowest attempts

Team WOD :
For time:
Run, 400 m
Row, 300 m
20 Burpees

Each person must complete the above individually. while person B holds 2 KB’s ( or DB’s) Coach will choose weight for each team.
If Person B puts weight down during…
Run : Both athletes perform 10 squats (once Partner A returns from run) holding their weights (the other person will have to wait for his partner to complete the 10 reps before they can do theirs)
Row & Burpees: Partner A must immediately stop until Partner B picks up weight again.

10 x 10 secs on,10 secs off
1-3 sets
Rest 60 secs

4/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
3 reps E3MOM for 9mins
@ 85/90/90% 1RM
No Max reps

WOD 1:
3 rounds for time of:
10 Hang Power Cleans, 50/35 kg
10 Overhead Squats, 50/35 kg
5 Bar Muscle-ups
Handstand Walk, 5 m

(15min cap)

WOD 2:
For time:
30 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches, 22.5/15 kg
20 Alt. Pistols
10 Handstand Push-ups
50 Double Unders

(10min cap)

Core (Optional but highly recommended):
Hollow Hold
5 x 20secs on,20secs off

3/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
Deadlift (deload)
5 reps E2MOM @ 70% for 6mins

Member WOD:
‘Tabata This’ chosen by John RA
Tabata Row for Calories
Tabata Air Squats
Tabata Pull-Ups
Tabata Push-Ups
Tabata Sit-Ups
1 minute Rest between each Tabata
Score for each movement is the LOWEST number of reps (or calories on the rower) performed in any of the eight intervals.
Total score is SUM of the lowest score for EACH movement.