20/12/12 Strength & WOD


Bench Press 3/3/3/3/3/3/3


Record total time (including rest).

10 rounds of

10m Handstand walk (scale to 10sec static holds if necessary)

10 kcals on Rower

1 min rest between rounds

17/12/12 Strength & WOD


Press 1/1/1/1/1/1/1   (10 min cap)


30 mins AMRAP

2   Turkish get-ups 12/24kg

4   50% BW Deadlift & Bent over Barbell Row

8   HSPU

16 MB Cleans 6/9kg

32 KTE’s

64 Lunges (Forw & Rev.)

CFNL 16/12/12 Strength & WOD


Front Squat

40kg/25Kg partner up.

AMRAP in 10 mins (bar must not touch ground for entire time)


Bench Press, 1 rep every 20 secs for as long as poss.

Weight loaded at 75% BW.

Flexibility work

15/12/12 WOD

WOD – For Time

1.5 BW Deadlift x 5 reps

then 5 rounds of….

10 Clean & Jerks 30/40kg

15  24″ Box jumps and squat (on top)

20 Russian Lunges holding 8kg/16kg Kettlebell

Then finish with…

800m Run

Foundation group progressing well

Tonight saw the weekday Foundation group return for their second session.

Although flexibility is still holding them back, there was some excellent progress made as they ran through the Front squat, OH head squat and the press.

There was plenty of groaning as they realised how heavy a dowel rod becomes when you are focusing on the correct form over and over and over again !!!

Well done guys !

Oh and congrates to Jules and Karen for making it through Tabata night, get rolling those calfs ladies!!!


14/12/12 Strength & WOD

Strength –

5 rounds:

5 RM weighted push up (partner up for safety)


3 rounds for time:

400m Rower


Couplet :

5 – 1 reps

50% BW Thrusters


finish with…

400m Run

13/12/12 Strength & WOD

Forget Xmas day for now, we have Tabata day !!!


Back Squats Tabata 75% BW

Record total reps



3 xTabata (24 rnds) DU’s

Record lowest round & Highest round only

CFNL’s ‘Foundation’ courses have begun

So tonight was CrossFit North London’s first group of CF newbies looking to be brainwashed, I mean inspired, by what CrossFit has to offer.

Looking at the state of the guys who had just finsihed the WOD class, some were wondering what they may have let themselves in for, but when they saw the smiles on the guys faces once they had recovered, they seemed less nervous and up for it !

Tonight we gave the background to CrossFit and how it works, as well as the first steps onto Paleo nutrition ( I even wore my Paleo diet T-shirt to help them absorb it sub-concoiusly!!).

The correct way to warm up and two elements were covered, these were the Air squat and Push ups, with a 21-15-9 WOD of both skills to finish with.

Everyone did great and each person has a few things to work on (as we all do !!) before I see them again on Thursday.

Look forward to it.