5/11/2018 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
2 Reps E3MOM at 90/95/95% for 9mins
No Max reps.
The goal is always to pick the load up and put back down with form. Dropping should only be because you have lost form or grip!!

Building confidence at going under the bar..
5-10 mins working through this complex (1 rep each), keep weight low and work on speed under the bar.
-Snatch Balance
-Pressing Snatch Balance
-Muscle Snatch into Pressing Snatch Balance
-Low Hang Squat Snatch
-Squat Snatch

‘Squat Snatch Isabel’
For time:
30 Squat Snatches,
(11min cap)

Compare to 5/5/18

Assistance Work:
Tabata Hollow rocks (perform with knees bent so you can maintain an active TVA throughout the 20sec).

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