5/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Strength WOD:
Back Squat
3 reps E2MOM for 10mins
@ 80/80/85/85/85%

Each for time:
Row: 4x 500 m
Rest the time it takes you to row each 500m
Record fatest and slowest attempts

Team WOD :
For time:
Run, 400 m
Row, 300 m
20 Burpees

Each person must complete the above individually. while person B holds 2 KB’s ( or DB’s) Coach will choose weight for each team.
If Person B puts weight down during…
Run : Both athletes perform 10 squats (once Partner A returns from run) holding their weights (the other person will have to wait for his partner to complete the 10 reps before they can do theirs)
Row & Burpees: Partner A must immediately stop until Partner B picks up weight again.

10 x 10 secs on,10 secs off
1-3 sets
Rest 60 secs

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