29/9/2018 CFNL WOD

Power WOD 1 (Level 3’s & 4’s only):
Front Squat
@ 70% 1RM
3 reps every 2mins for 6mins


Power WOD 2 (all levels):
Standing Broad Jumps (continuous)
Holding 2 x 10/5kg DB by your side (scale appropriately but aim to go heavier then last week)
5 rounds: 10 secs on , 50secs off
The goal is to jump as far as possible each time then land immediately descending into squat ready to explode into next jump.

Part A..
Find your Thruster 10 Rep Max.
(8min cap)
Part B (starts straight after Part A)..
For time:
50 Knees-to-elbows
100 Wall Balls, 9/6 kg
200 Double Unders

Record weight achieved in Part A and time taken to complete Part B (do not include the 8mins of Part A)

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