2/3/2019 CFNL WOD

Bench Press
10 reps E3MOM for 12mins
@ 60/70/70/70% 1RM
No Max reps

WOD 1:
Death By Push Jerk

With a continously running clock perform:
5 Push Jerks, 50/35 kg in the first min
5 Push Jerks, 50/35 kg + 5 kg in the second min
5 Push Jerks, 50/35 kg + 10 kg in the third min

Continuing this for as long as you are able.

Record the weight you successfully completed for 5reps (Capped at 11mins)

WOD 2:
‘Unbroken Isabel’
For time:
30 Power Snatches, 60/42.5 kg
Must be touch and go, if you break then perform 10 DB OH walking lunges (switch hands at 5 reps).
(10min cap)

Assistance Work:
Turkish Get Ups
10 alternating reps
Choose heaviest load you can perform well

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