18/6/2017 CFNL WOD

Please make sure you have all read the previous post regarding us pulling out of the Triib booking system

Back Squat
3 x 5 Reps @ 75/75/80% 1RM
Max Reps on final set
No Touch and Go reps allowed.
2min rest periods


Team WOD:
in Teams of 2 (3 if odd numbers and Coach will instruct how to adjust rep scheme)
As many reps as possible in 30 mins of:
30 Back Squats, pick load
Med Ball Run, 9/6 kg, 400 m = 1 rep
30 Clean & Jerk, pick load
40 Calorie Row (each calorie =1 rep
30 Kettlebell Swings, 24/16 kg
Med Ball Run, 9/6 kg, 400 m
30 Wall Balls, 9/6 kg

Your score is reps completed multiplied by the Squat weight you choose

-The Back Squat weight you choose must be the same as the C&J weight and cannot be changed during the WOD.
-Each person must complete at least 10 reps of each weightlifting movement (including Wall Balls)
-Each person must run 200m of the 400m MedBall Carry switching over half way through.
-Each person must switch over on the same Rower after 20 calories
-Any form of Clean allowed on the C&J

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